Anthem for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Ode to the Queen


The earth's no longer shaking,

And ground has found its silence.

The wind and waves of the ocean

Don't show any natural violence.

All flora and fauna are happy.

The rivers no longer flood.

The country became balanced

In the reign of a blue blood.

The seas and lakes are full of fish

For that's Queen Elizabeth's wish!


The forest has grown enormous

With nuts and berries ripening.

Green gardens blossom and flower

With lilies of the valley whitening.

Abundance and wealth a plenty

Have finally spread their wings.

In snow-white and towering mountains

A fresh stream of water springs.

The land is beautiful and rich

For that's Queen Elizabeth's wish!


All wars in the country are ended,

And thousands of children are born.

Their land will be fair and splendid -

A new generation of hope.

We live in happiness and peace

For that's Queen Elizabeth's wish!


© Copyright: Dmitriev Konstantin, 2014

Editor Maria Mironova